Solar Cooperative Works For InvestorsSolar projects have began dotting the state of Wisconsin in an effort to ramp up renewable energy production. One solar cooperative is now working to construct small-scale projects that can benefit member investors.

Cory Neeley is the Director of Solar Share Wisconsin Cooperative, and he shares more about how the group aims to include investors in their projects.

Neeley explains that the cooperative’s goal is to democratize solar projects. He shares that anyone from the state of Wisconsin can become an investor and receive dividends from the small-scale projects.

“We’d like to have as many of these projects in the state as we can,” says Neeley. “This model works, and it generates a lot of positive goodwill between the utility and the people that live there.”

The first two projects that are to be constructed in the next year will be in the Mauston area. They will provide roughly 4.5 megawatts of energy to power just over 1,000 homes. These projects will comprise a total of 36 acres.