SolarShare Wisconsin CO-OP

Building A Brighter Future Together

Our cooperative allows regular people and businesses from Wisconsin to invest in renewable energy projects located within the state.

What We Do

We advance clean solar energy in Wisconsin by providing an easy option for citizens and businesses of Wisconsin to invest in community and utility-scale solar energy projects. We help solar contractors and developers collaborate to advance the solar industry in Wisconsin. We work with our member contractors to provide installation, operations, maintenance, and procurement services related to solar energy projects.

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Provide Solar Investment for Regular People

We give individuals and small businesses an easy, low-cost way to privately invest in local renewable energy projects located within their communities.

Create New Opportunities for Local Farmers

Our solar cooperative projects allow farmers to diversify their operations while benefiting the local community.

Develop Community-Scale Projects

Our solar cooperative farms will have a capacity of 1-5 megawatts (power for 250 to 1250 homes) located on approximately 5-40 acres of land.

Strengthen Wisconsin’s Solar Economy

We are growing the solar industry in Wisconsin while supporting good paying jobs. Solar projects are filling a need for affordable renewable energy and the market is growing at a fast pace.

How does membership work?

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Who We Serve

Our solar projects help create opportunities for everyday people looking to invest in local projects with stable returns and for local farmers who manage the land where our projects are located. We also provide benefits and services for solar contractors and developers in the state, growing the industry through collaboration.

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Member Investors

Individuals, Businesses, Foundations and others can invest in local solar energy through the Cooperative. Our goal is to provide stable returns from an asset that is providing significant benefits to local communities throughout the state. When we talk about local impact investing, this is what we mean.

Investor Benefits

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Member Contractors

We offer solar developers and contractors a forum to collaborate on purchasing, hiring workers and obtaining materials. We enable local economic benefits to be broadly shared in the communities where solar projects are located. We help solar businesses communicate the benefits that our solar projects can provide to communities and utilities across the state.

Contractor Benefits



Our solar cooperative farms allow farmers to diversify their operations while benefiting the local farming community. Grazing sheep within solar farm boundaries can increase soil health and keep land in agricultural production. Planting pollinator meadows within our project footprints can support apiaries and produce honey while supporting area crops that depend on pollination.



Utilities are looking for cost effective solutions to add clean energy to their resource mix. SolarShare Cooperative offers local renewable energy delivered to utility substations, reducing dependence on fossil-fuel resources. Because our resources are local, utilities and ratepayers save money on transmission costs.


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Become a Member

Membership start at just $25 (with subsidies available)

Membership provides an opportunity to invest and participate in a new wealth generation activity that up to this point has been reserved only for banks, accredited investors and utilities.

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