Our cooperative allows regular people and businesses from Wisconsin to invest in renewable energy projects located within the state.

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Member Investor Benefits

  • Opportunity to do well and good at the same time
  • Opportunity to keep your investment dollars local.
  • Businesses can offer to match employee share purchases.
  • Foundations can find a better investment vehicle for their money and take advantage of investing in solar energy
  • Alternative to investing in low yield bonds and cd’s and the increasingly volatile stock market
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Member Contractor Benefits

  • Giving solar contractors a market to grow into as their business grows
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration on purchasing, workers and materials.
  • Creating more opportunities for solar projects with a new investment model

Become a Member

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to become a member you must be a resident, landowner or business located in Wisconsin

Membership is $25 for all residents or businesses located in WI

Membership provides an opportunity to invest and participate in a new wealth generation activity that up to this point has been reserved only for banks, accredited investors and utilities.

Complete the form below to share your interest in becoming a member and we’ll follow up with complete details and investment opportunities.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This Membership fee is a one-time fee that allows you to purchase shares in funding rounds. Your membership alone does not constitute an investment. 

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